…YES, the band. (Okay, that was an End Hits joke. Sorry.)

While you rarely hear of the Gossip doing much (besides resting, and shopping at New Seasons, presumably) in PDX compared to their widely documented shenanigans around the world—in the UK and LA particularly—Beth Ditto still counts as a Portlander. It follows that her new line for the plus-size UK retailer Evans (owned by the Top Shop suits) is of local interest, even if you can only buy it from a computer in Portland. Perhaps you saw the article in yesterday's NYT Thursday Styles about plus-size fashion, featuring Ms. Ditto and Fat Fancy (who we once collaborated with on a makeover giveaway, you'll recall)? If not it's worth checking out. And while the Evans line isn't set to make its debut until early next month, Jezebel has a slide show up.