Screen-printed tees and hoodies generally get short shrift in the fashion world, and not without some good reason. Nonetheless, many dudes and dudettes hinge their entire wardrobes on these worn canvasses—usually paired in a daily formula with a small rotation of denim—in a show of support for the artists who emblazon them. So maybe it's not an especially tailored or meticulously styled look, but for many people it totally works. And just like chicken eggs and vodka, all the better if the designs come from within the city limits. One such line, Giuce Streetwear, will be showcased at a party being thrown at the Crown Room Saturday night (9 pm, $3), in the mix with guest DJ Ayres, plus locals Nature, and Izm—it's the monthly installment of these music/fashion clashes known as "Massive," and it marks their eighth installment. Joining Guice are Var-City Vintage, Capital, Illa Collective, Lizard Lounge, Heart on My Sleeve, and Monster Vintage. Check out this video from the second edition of Massive to get an idea of what you might be in for.