You might remember Studio X, the super-cool, under-the-radar gym owned by Tim Irwin, which I wrote up when they offered a free fitness program for un- or under-employed Portlanders (who reportedly found great success, I might add). They're at it again, but this time they're helping out a different kind of need via workouts: dates. I know plenty of people who consider it beyond lame to hit on people at the gym, and if you agree, you should probably steer clear of Singlelicious Get Fit!, a collab between the gym and Singlelicious PDX, a new events company for "Portland's charming, witty, gorgeous singles." The six-week, Wednesday night program involves aerobic conditioning, Pilates, yoga, and even nutrition classes, which at $90 is a decent deal, especially if you get laid too, I suppose. (This could get weird.) To sign up (classes start on the 15th!), hit up the the Singlelicious web site.


If nothing else, you might fall in love with the gym...

Photo by Bryce Kanights