If I'm feeling flush and sufficiently vulnerable, I'll sometime drag my tired ass down to the Dragontree—it's a serene holistic day spa in NW Portland that offers a panoply of services, from intense Ayurvedic long-term treatments to quickies like a 20 minute head, neck, and shoulder massage (drool). I'm a dabbler when it comes to salon services, and I rarely hit the same place twice, but the Dragontree is one of the exceptions (along with Portland's Hottest Nails). It seemed surprising at first to find out that the salon was opening a new location at the airport of all places, because the NW location couldn't be more opposite of an environment, all warm colors and quiet harp and flute music. Leave it to them to carve out an oasis amid the tedium of having to juggle luggage and ID and your damn shoes. You can schedule an appointment (maybe a massage will calm your pre-flight anxiety while you wait for the Xanax to kick in), but they'll primarily be doing walk-ins, which is great: I can't imagine I'll make much use of the airport salon since it's not often I have layovers in the city I live in, but if my departure is delayed, and it comes down to watered down, over-priced cocktails or a foot bath with a hand massage, it's no contest. Plus you can just stop in for vitamins, natural sleep aids, and organic skin products to ease your travel fatigue. Look for it the next time you're on the way out of town—it's set to open sometime this fall.