I find it somehow charming that this contest is sponsored by the Northwest Resource Credit Union (there you go, guys—got me). The Hot Hair Challenge is this: You make an appointment at one of the participating salons for a cut or style (Orchid Salon, Bella Pearl, Bob Shop, Hello Gorgeous, Blue Chair Salon, Leepin Lizards, Blades Hair Studio, Europa Hair Salon, Pulse, Pigment, Rootz, and Grace Hair Salon). When you're all done, they take a photo of you which is then posted on the Hot Hair Challenge Flickr page. Then you round up everyone you know to dogpile the Flickr page with positive* comments on your hairdo—the winner with the highest volume of comments when the contest closes ("around July 22nd," with winners announced on August 10th) will get a $100 gift certificate to the salon that did you right, and the stylist will walk with a $100 Visa gift card, and everyone else is reminded that local credit unions with all their clean(er) hands and personalities and stuff are lookin' pretty cute these post-economic-apocalypse days.

While you get on it with that, the Flickr page is meanwhile filled with placeholder images of celeb portraits of yore. This one is given pride of place at the top of the page—nice choice.


*Perhaps (okay, it's quite likely), the ingrates in Blogtown's comment section (which is not to say, of course, that they are all ingrates) have jaded me, but my first thought was a fear of, um, less than positive comments. Let's hope someone's keeping an editorial eye out over there, yeah?