I've just been alerted to the fact that my column this week went to press with the incorrect date for *this Sunday's* forum on Portland Fashion Week. It is the 12th, not the 19th, and boy am I glad our copy chief is back from vacation.

I do hope that everyone gets the memo, because as I mention in the current column, it seems that Portland's fashion scene could be doing a bit better job of articulating itself... or not. Maybe Portland really is a rebels' roost and all attempts to organize its rogue independents are doomed. That's perfectly fine, but I think it's worth talking about. As it stands there's a lack of unity, PFW being just one annual event that makes that apparent. Meanwhile, it's just been confirmed that Lufthansa is giving PFW a little ink in the next issue of their in-flight magazine. Along with ad deals with Spin and Surface magazines, PFW honcho Tito Chowdhury says (er, texts, to be more precise) that, "PFW will reach 1 million print subscribers."

Take a moment to think about that, and please do RSVP to attend the forum this Sunday July 12 if you have something to contribute to the conversation.


Lufthansa: The world's fifth largest airline

Another note just in from Chowhury: PFW hotel sponsor The Nines is going to feature participating designers in their lobby, starting tomorrow with Idom.