My participation in the Recess fitness boot camp marches (get it?) on: On Saturday we did some biometrics testing, which essentially boiled down to being weighed, measure around the hips and waist, and having an electrical current run through my body to determine its percentage of fat. I haven't yet had time to fill out the questionnaire that will allow the Recess' online database to calibrate my guidelines for caloric intake, but I'm looking forward to having a personalized prescription. In the meantime, the workout sessions carry on, which thus far have all been different: yoga, pilates, and last night's... hoopdancing. (Just like in a real boot camp.)

I was not the only woman in my class who was skeptical about this activity—while some of the others murmured that they hadn't hula-hooped since childhood, I recalled that I have never been able to hula hoop. And yet, when guest instructor Meg Abernathy showed up with her "adult hoops" (wider and heavier than the ones you probably had as a kid) and gave some basic instructions I thoroughly impressed myself by being able to pick it up somewhat quickly. She ran us through a number of other tricks, from spinning the hoop over our heads, passing it around our bodies, hooping around the hips, and turning around in a circle while hooping around your waist. I should mention that this was all being done in a public and rather busy park, and yes, it felt silly. (Luckily no less than four people I know went by! Hi guys!) Random passersby sniggered. But I have to admit it was fun, and Meg was hilarious, peppering her instructions with tales of her mom, who likes to get drunk and hula hoop, mentioned a show that happened "on 4/20" with a completely straight face, and was named the 2008 Female Hooper of the Year at the Hoopie Awards (seriously), a huge deal in the hooping world, where she is better known as GroovinMeGzz.

As far as a workout goes, it was more vigorous than either the yoga or pilates classes, though we've still not done anything cardio-intensive. My waist today is sore, and we were warned we might have bruises. Hard to tell if the soreness is from the hooping motion or from banging the hoop around my body for an hour. But back to GroovinMeGzz:

Yup, just like in real boot camp.