So last week, we offered one lucky reader a complete hair makeover with Dayna at Belle Epoque salon. The lovely Petra Whitacre emailed us with this complaint: "I'm tired of being mistaken for a teenager, and also being mistaken for a goody two shoes."
While I can't really sympathize with being mistaken for a teenager (unfortunately) I do know what it's like to want to look like you could, maybe, if there wasn't, like, a test or anything that day, cut class.
See Petra's transformation (plus tips from Dayna for maintaining colored hair) after the jump!
Petra before:

Petra after:
After clothing provided by Physical Element

As for how to maintain colored hair, Dayna recommends:

With this new color and cut, Petra's hair is thick and corse, so it needs the most moisture and protection possible.
Every day: Kevin Murphy- Luxury Wash and Rinse and Kevin Murphy Wet/Dry Luxury Leave-IN conditioner.

Treatment: Born Again Treatment- once a week.

Styling: Kevin Murphy- Easy Rider for straight or wavy texture, KM-Session Spray for after straightening to help give more shine, body and flexible hold.