Heat can have a strange effect on people, inducing mania of a variety of forms. For instance my friend who inexplicably started speaking in a Rodney Dangerfield voice while chilling white wine in the supermarket last night. Stuff like that. It's also alleged that yesterday some of the shops downtown that chose not to wuss out because of the heat had some half-drunk afternoon splurgers roll through. Bonus. Whatever you need to cope. And while summer is notoriously easy to dress for (if you're a woman, or just dress like one), that ease gets a little boring. Thus the fashion world's passion for fall. Idom just placed a new option on the racks, the Amy dress:


This is just as easy to wear as that stupid-easy tee shirt dress you've been living in, but the tucking and draping make it interesting, and it would be effortless for a wedding—I don't know about you, but I am swamped with weddings this summer (at $369 it deserves a more dignified setting than just eating popsicles at the park, at least for its debut).