Dear Food Diary,

This is the first time I have ever kept (or attempted to keep) a food diary. I am participating in the summer bootcamp program at Recess, though, and next weekend we have a nutrition seminar to which we are supposed to bring our food diaries. Since I am no good at counting calories (How can you ever pretend to do that accurately? That'd be a full-time job. Sure I can Google "calories + ham sandwich" and get a number, but a ham sandwich is not a ham sandwich is not a ham sandwich, you know?) and I can't bring myself to micromanage the number of servings of starches and fats and proteins and such I have at each designated feed hour, I figure the least I could do is record what I do end up putting in my mouth. I should point out that while there may be some stubbornness at play here, I would not categorize my failings in the following of the graciously personalized food guidelines I've been given as laziness or disinterest. I already give a great deal of consideration to food choices—you are not dealing with a junk food-consuming couch potato here—and adding categorical food exchanges on top of my politics is simply too much to ask of someone with my schedule.

Maybe I am obstinate in my thinking, but I feel like I make the best dietary choices I can in any given situation, although they are not solely motivated by weight management. I tend to avoid animal products when I am cooking for myself or ordering at a restaurant, and when I do eat them they are usually Michael Pollan-approved, by which I mean some combination of organic and local and free-range and naturally raised and humanely slaughtered. I'm not perfect (If I'm coming over to dinner I'm going to eat whatever you're serving, and if it's a party with free food, thanks!), but I'm already striving toward a self-imposed system that leads me to a healthy, low-fat diet that also lets me sleep at night. I'm not going to order the turkey of mysterious provenance simply to fulfill the protein requirement I have been allotted for lunch at wherever establishment I manage to get to on my way from A to Z, is what I'm saying. I'm going to buy whatever it is they're selling that's vegan, or at least vegetarian, even if that's a green salad.

And here's where you're really going to get me: I drink too much. Sorry! But even here, I make an effort. I almost always drink red wine (white wine on ice if it's too hot), which has (albeit controversial) health benefits and is as low-cal as you can get on the booze scale. It's not like I'm knocking back 800-calorie margaritas. And, yes, if I'm hanging out someplace too dive-y for wine I'll drink cheap beer. Cheap, because I don't really like beer I can taste. Beer, because I find it preferable to hard alcohol, which gets me too drunk, too fast. But those long dinner parties with lots of laughter and un-corked bottles and good times? I'm sorry, but you're not going to take that away from me.

So here is what I ate yesterday: For breakfast I had two pieces of Sasquatch toast from Trader Joe's, which is one of the most fibrous whole grain breads on the market. It's 110 calories per slice. I put crunchy peanut butter on it, popped a couple grapes in my mouth, and topped it off with about 1/2 cup of leftover succotash, which was full of beans and corn and made with olive oil, and yes, also butter. I went to the Whole Foods deli counter for lunch, where I got a small potato samosa, a medium sized container of mushroom pasta, and a small container of sesame kale (all vegan). I should also mention that I alternate drinking green tea and water all day. While I'm at it, and to preface what happened last night, I'll also mention that I rode my bike to work yesterday and then I rode it to an hour-long Recess Pilates class on the other side of town.

After Pilates, I went straight to Mary's Club to catch my friend at the tail end of her shift. I ate my dinner there, which was a vegan burrito filled with rice and beans and veggies (no gross processed fake meats or dairy products, but they also do not have whole wheat tortillas at Mary's). I also had four pints of Pabst. (They only have Merlot, and I'm sorry but the only Merlot that doesn't suck you're not going to find at Mary's.) I know that's bad, and that beer is fattening, but I was having a good time, and frankly having good times is good for your health. Also, I was in bed by 10:15 and then I woke up early and ran six miles before biking to work. That's pretty good overall, right? Doesn't that mean we're square? I think so.

PS: For breakfast today I had one piece of Sasquatch with peanut butter and a banana.