Portland Fashion Week is going to be here before you know it, and this year marks a new addition to the five-day event in the form of an Emerging Designer Showcase. I'm into this idea for a number of reasons, not least of which is that I've found the open call process a great way to find exciting new designers that have managed to pass under my radar just when I felt there was nothing new to see. Portland's Fashion Week—any fashion week—benefits from such gusts of fresh talent, and they're trying to meet designers halfway by offering a reduced participation fee ($350) to show seven looks as part of the showcase. And I get to help! Myself along with the Art Institute's Director of Apparel Design, Sue Bonde; Physical Element's Jo Carter; designer Anna Cohen; Sofada's Alice Dobson; Saturn Studios' Marie Saturn; Modi Soondarotok of IDOM; and Lisa Radon, formerly of Ultra and now of the Portland Monthly/Spaces Culturephile blog will be serving as jury, so come show us your rad stuff! The open audition (for apparel designers only) will take place Sunday, August 23rs at the Art Institute (1122 NW Davis, Room 263) from 2-5 pm. Don't forget to bring fully constructed samples—the shows are for Spring/Summer '10, but if you don't have a few pieces done from that season you can bring representations from other collections, too. Please, please—impress us!