Do you enjoy styling hair and not getting breast cancer? Well, this is the event for you! Sidlab Haircouture, a Portland-based hair product company whose products are paraben-free, is coming to the Doug Fir's DreamBOX Theater on October 5th for a night of food, drinks, and styling instruction. For $25, participants have the chance to learn Balayage highlighting, editorial styling, and other hair-related techniques I've never heard of. What's more, Eric Alan Nelson, founder of Sidlab and hater of cancer-causing hair product ingredients, will be there hosting the event, in addition to Steve David, an editorial stylist whose webpage quote is "The number one best product for your hair is Passion." (I guess I can throw away my curl-defining mousse and start throwing some passion up there instead.) David, by the way, is kind of a big deal; he's one of the country's top stylists, and he's done work for Dolce & Gabbanna, Elle, W, Vogue, and LA and NY fashion weeks. But that's not all, folks! Special guest Parker Dutro from Edward Wadsworth Salon will be sharing some hair cutting techniques for the new year, AND-to make things exciting with a little nepotiz-Eric Alan Nelson's brother Richard will be there, too. I suppose it's not really nepotism, since Richard is the Senior Colorist at Frederic Fekkai in Beverly Hills, and he'll be teaching some coloring techniques, and he therefore probably deserves to be there...but it's more exciting if we say it's nepotism. In any case, he will be there along with everyone, cutting and coiffing and laughing and having a ball. They'll be showcasing some looks that will come out at Portland Fashion Week, too, so it should be a fun time. If nothing else you can have a few drinks and find out what the heck Balayage is.

Is this Balayage highlighting? Who knows!
  • Is this Balayage highlighting? Who knows!

That's Monday, October 5th at the Doug Fir, 6-9pm!