As someone who works with words, I pretty much as a rule hate people, places, and things that employ unusual spellings and or punctuation—un-capitalized proper nouns especially. It's. Not. Cute. But I have to make an exception for the spaced out spacing of g r a y l i n g, which I in fact do find to be quite cute. This could in part be influenced by the cuteness of the woman behind this line of jewelry, Katy Kippen, who you might remember as the woman holding down the fort at the now in-limbo Portland location of Nolita. Since moving on, Kippen's had more time to dedicate to jewelry-making, and has an upcoming event at which you can take a peek at her development: On Saturday, Sept 26, Kippen will be holding court at Pin-Me from 3-7 pm with a trunk show, champagne and other treats, with 10% of all proceeds benefiting Autism Speaks. In the meantime, follow along on Kippen's awesome blog—I know I do.