Uh-oh, that fashion show party infection is coming around again. This time downtown nightclub Invasion is jumping in with a a little fashion added in to the First Thursday mix, featuring local designers and retailers and a rotating theme each month.

But GUESS what the first theme is, scheduled to pop off on November 5?! It's a "Goth Fashion Tribute to The Twilight Saga: Full Moon." And they mean business, too—it's been designated an *official* Twilight promotional event, and they will be goving away tix to the Portland premiere of New Moon! OMG! (WTF?) I've got a message in to find out which lucky locals are to be featured in this goth-tastic event. Party on, Portland fashion, party on.


Gothic... windbreakers?

UPDATE! Designers will be Al-Anoud Dajani and Kelsey Curtis, and the retailers participating are Spartacus, Under U 4 Men, and Naked City. And, it's free!