SCRAP has announced it's date (November 14) and new venue (the Crystal Ballroom) for this year's recycled fashion (I prefer their term "trashion") contest, hosted by Mayor Sam Adams and... me, wearing my own formal-occasion trashion. Twenty-five original pieces created from
"trash" (think soda can tabs and chewing gum wrappers), will be presented on the runway and judged by the "Junk Jury" (Adam Arnold, along with representatives from SCRAP, The Regional Arts & Culture Council, Portland Fashion Week, and the Oregon Association of Recyclers), with a winning prize of $500. there will also be a performance by the junk orchestra called (what else) "Junkquestra," a "green carpet," vedors of recycled accessories, a DIY table, and more. Audience trashion is also encouraged, and this year's event will be all ages for the first time ever (I'll try to keep it clean).


Photo via Frank-O-Foto