I spent a few days in downtown Cleveland this past summer, in an old hotel that was right across the street from the city's Warehouse District, which at one time was the hub of a garment manufacturing industry second only to New York City's. All that's gone now, of course, as the city's downtown economy has slid (would you believe there is not a single department store in downtown Cleveland?). There's now a budding revival happening there, with a smattering of independently owned boutiques, some nice restaurants, and at least one fine modern furniture store. But back in the area's heyday, the Ohio Knitting Mills were cranking out apparel for store like Sear and Lord & Taylor, and lines like Oregon's own Pendleton, putting away samples of every garment created since WWII, resulting in a massive collection of everything from pants to capes to sweaters, shirts, caps, vests and dresses, spanning the years of 1947 to 1974. Tomorrow Lizard Lounge is hosting a trunk show of these pieces, now available for sale, with one or few of a kind rarities for sale from noon-4 pm. It's a good chance to grab a piece of "Made in USA" heritage history.