Oh hell yeah, this is my idea of a good party! From Britt Howard of the Portland Garment Factory:

This year, Portland Garment Factory is doing our own version of Halloween in the tradition of a formal party. The Art of the Garment part I will be a museum style/curated display of many spectacular and intricately constructed garments (antique and modern). This showcase is also to be considered the perfect time for you to break out your most intricate piece whether it be a gown from the 30s to a hat to a stellar pair of stilettos. We all have that amazing piece that we never have a chance to wear.... now is the time ladies and gentleman!! Bust it out! Enjoy wine, small treats and get your photo taken to capture the rare, exotic moment of you having a blast in your rare 1930's beaded African headdress!

Sounds like fun, right? It's this Friday, from 8 pm to midnight at the shop/factory space at 7910 SE Stark, costs one measly buck plus donations for booze and photos, and to sweeten the deal even further Vintage Cocktail Lounge across the street will take 20% off the tab of attendees!