Not to keep harping on how awesome Content was (but it was), but one of my favorite rooms at the event was Luxury Jones'. In it, two films were projected simultaneously on the wall of the room, together the collective tale of a wild night out with lots of costume changes (all Luxury Jones' hot-ass party clothes). If you missed it, regular Mercury photo contributor Minh Tran, who shot the films (called "Heavy Syrup") and even composed and performed the original score with Vera Domini, has unleashed them online. You can watch them separately but to get the full effect, here are his playback instructions:

1. Depending on the resolution of your monitor, you’ll see the two videos side by side (which is ideal) or on top of each other (which is a bit of a bummer but not the biggest of deals).

2. Completely mute the volume on one of the videos - the audio is identical on both so you won’t be missing out. If you want to see each of the videos individually in full screen, return the volume to normal levels for the one you muted (obviously). Depending on your internet connection and the processing capabilities of your computer, you may have to watch these videos independently for smooth playback. We tried our best to make each of the videos entertaining on their own.

3. Press play on one video and then as quickly as possible press play on the other video. Then go back to the first video and pause it for a split second to compensate for the difference in start times.

4. When the opening sequences start up, the videos should be identical, pause and unpause accordingly to get them synchronized as closely as possible. You should be all set after this.

Let the hot girls, good times in Portland clubs and even the scary ending be your inspiration for this weekend's parties. Oh, and dibs on the black fringed mini-dress!