Not that I feel a lack of a social networking presence in my daily life, but I've just done it again. I created another online profile. It's on a new web site called Birds of A Feather, founded by the awesome Portland jewelry designer Jesseca McCloskey of Paper Treasure with PDX web designers Input vs. Output. From the "About" page:

Birds of A Feather is a new online community where Portland fashion designers can gather, meet, and share their work and ideas. This is a newborn project and is still very much a blank canvas. There is amazing potential for how the site can be used, both individually and collectively... This site is intended for the broad range of folks who are involved in the local fashion scene; from the Portland boutiques who support local makers to the apparel and accessory designers, stylists, models and photographers... Users will be able to create profiles with images and biographies, post blogs and comments, list or check upcoming events in the calendar …etc.! This is a space where you might find others interested in collaborative projects or find fashion-related job opportunities for pay or trade. Here you can discuss craft or business matters, network and promote!

Designers who've already joined include Adam Arnold, who through sheer alphabetical advantage has made it so that this awesome photo jumps out from the top of the "designers" page:



Anyhow, he is joined by Sword + Fern, Emily Katz, and Frocky Jack Morgan, among others. The boutique section so far includes Flutter and Narcisse, and you'll find me under "resources" along with Input vs. Output and Brian Stevenson Photography. That's a decent start, but there are still plenty of tumbleweeds over there. If you're involved in the local industry (and haven't yet reached critical mass tending to your various online communities), come on over and sign up. Let's try to make this interesting.