I had this fantasy that I would get all of my holiday shopping done this weekend. No. I went to two craft fairs and one trunk show, and made purchases at all three, but still. I am not done. The clock is ticking. Ack! Luckily, the trunk shows continue this week, giving you a calendar-mandated reason to get up and head to one of our many lovely shopping districts, where the store having the event might not have what you need, but maybe one of their neighbors do. Somebody has to!

Personally I'm taking a few days off, but then on Wednesday Flutter's trunk show series continues from 5-8 featuring Gossamer's awesome cascading chain necklaces. Meanwhile, Union Rose is featuring all She She apparel at 15% off from 6-8 pm.


A brave woman demonstrates how to wear a Gossamer necklace.

Moving on to Thursday, Pin Me is hosting a dual trunk show with Prairie Underground and grayling. This is going to be interesting and definitely worth hitting, as it's a kind of "touring" trunk show of Prairie goods that aren't necessarily representative of what stores in Portland have offered from the PNW-staple line, so you'll probably find lots of pieces from the fall and holiday seasons that have not already been available in town. And Katy Kippen's jewelry line is a tasteful, modern accompaniment, too—that goes from 5-8 pm.

On Friday, if you happen to be Daddy Warbucks, Marios is hosting a trunk show of The Row from noon-6 pm, and if you're on the other side of the economic spectrum check out one of the last events scheduled at the soon-to-close Liberty Hall, the Community Holiday Bizarre and Rummage Sale, which runs from 4-10 pm and is followed by the IWW's third annual Working Class Bookfair on Saturday at the hall from 11 am-4 pm.


Ah, the Olsen twins.

Saturday from noon-7 pm, Scarlet Chamberlin's awesome line of jewelry, which runs the gamut from the easily gift-able to party-worthy show-pieces, is being featured at Workroom719, while down the road at Flurry (680 SW 4th) Janeane Marie is holding court with her ultra-rad modern womenswear from 3-6 pm. Don't stop there because IDOM is also hosting a trunk show with guest stars Emily Ryan and Liza Rietz from 5-8 pm, too.

And then, well, you've probably got a party to go to, yes? I hope you've got something to wear.


Luckily, I had the presence of mind to order this dress from Liza Rietz *months* ago.

UPDATE! Throw another one on the pile for Saturday: Soho Boutique (1605 NE Broadway) is hosting a trunk show for Nora Catherine, a perfect jeweler for the bohemian women on your list.


Nora Catherine's hoop earrings, with a twist.