Alright, fun's over with the holidays and you're broke until you can get your TurboTax on. There's still a long stretch of winter ahead, and if there's one thing we learned from the Great Recession it's how completely awesome staying home can be. The trick of course is to make your home a place you like to be, and one that your friends are happy to come visit for potlucks in lieu of breaking the bank and splitting the check at a restaurant. I'm a reformed slob. When I was single I moved yearly and rarely bothered to trick my rooms and apartments out. They were small and I was always out, so they functioned more like walk-in closets that had something to sleep on and somewhere to shower. I've since been reformed and domesticated, though, and have really come to appreciate having a home that feels good to be in and that's presentable for entertaining. But man, furniture is expensive! We've rescued plenty of pieces from the Goodwill bins, but once you have the basics you can start saving up for things you really love. Tilde is ramping up for a furniture sale later this month, with 10% off furniture and lamps. Consisting of vintage and new mid-century pieces, this adorable store sets their prices pretty reasonably as it is. I love this big pink lamp, for instance, which is priced at $65:


Likewise, this simple coffee table? Only $169.


Sale runs this month from the 8th through the 31st.