If you've been following the New Oregon Interview series, you've seen them whip through live interview/discussions with local players in the fields of music, urban planning, film, and many others. But next up they're tackling fashion, with high profile designers Adam Arnold and Elizabeth Dye—both of whom are reliably insightful and witty—as well as Ryan Christensen, original founder of Sameunderneath, who will no doubt be able to weigh in on the entrepreneurial experience during troubling times, and how his ethical vision for a sustainable and socially aware clothing ultimately played out. Will they argue about Portland Fashion Week? Do they still think Portland is the best place to be a truly independent designer? I can't wait to find out. It's going down on Wednesday January 27th at Urban Grind East (2214 NE Oregon) and if the moderator doesn't choose you from the audience to ask a question, you can always cut out the middle man and make an appointment for a fitting.


Look into the eyes of Adam Arnold... you can ask him anything.