If you lack both funds and inhibitions, you're in luck, because the Red Light is gearing up for their annual Co-Ed Naked Shopping Spree on February 21, wherein four contestants (two male, two female) will be unleashed butt naked in the vintage superstore, where they have three minutes to run through the store putting on as much clothing as possible. Whoever piles on the most items wins all the clothing on their back plus a $100 GC. Feeling lucky? Join the more than 60 people so far who've spent $20 or more at the store by February 12th to be entered in the random drawing that determines who the lucky contestants will be. Alternately just come by the store to gawk and cheer them on. The nudity starts at 5 pm, but live music and door prizes and general kickin' it starts at 2.

Harnessing the powerful combination of nakedness and speed.