It's good to know that Leanne Marshall is still garnering attention after winning Project Runway. In the wake of our latest Portland export to the show Janeane Marie's ousting last episode comes a little piece in Time Out New York in which she gives them a tour of her closet. I'm set to interview Janeane about how she "bit it hard" on PR at noon, and I really don't think she should be too upset. The text that accompanies the piece is a little sad:

When Leanne Marshall won Project Runway with her organic collection of nature-inspired pieces, she expected her career to change overnight. She moved from Portland to New York a year ago, and her $100,000 prize money was spent near instantaneously on a Dumbo studio rental, materials, production and look books. “After I won, people were like, ‘Can I buy your stuff at Macy’s?’?”says Marshall. “It doesn’t work like that. I don’t even think I’m a blip on the map of the fashion industry here.” In fact, the designer’s still struggling to stock her collection in stores like Kaight and Eponymy; for now, she sells a smattering of sample pieces and one-off creations on Etsy (, a site she’s been devoted to for years. Here’s hoping spring 2010 treats her better—based on the collection we saw while touring her walk-in closet, it sure as hell should.