Costume drama fanatics, take note: A pair of Queen Victoria's favorite black and white silk stockings are going up for auction next month. It's not the first time the Queen's underwear drawer's been raided:

Mr Young added: "Examples of the Queen's undergarments have long been considered the crowning glory for Victorian collectors around the world. "In the past few years several items have come up for auction and made excellent prices, with interest from around the world." In July 2008 a pair of bloomers said to have belonged to Queen Victoria sold for £4,500 at auction in Derby.

These babies are thought to be from 1874 and are valued at £400 (about $550), so think about that the next time your drugstore nylons fall apart after a month and a half.

Probably you should just maybe not troop around with them as part of your "schoolgirl-chic" ensemble, though.