In my Sold Out column this week, I devoted most of my limited space to tonight's MothLove presentation. But, that's not the only rad fashion party happening tonight: It's also the fashion edition of Art Party! MothLove's early (doors at 7, show promptly at 8) and Art Party's late (9 pm, runway "probably around 11:30"), so there's no reason not to hit both. Exhibit A: Installations from Julia Blackburn of Dust, who says "I'm showing some creepy beautiful stuff that makes you want to go out on an adventure... I'm not quite done with my spring line so I'll be showing some big beautiful photos from a shoot we just did in the woods mixed with some big poetry about setting out into nature." Exhibit B: Another installation by Emily Baker of Sword + Fern, which she says, "is a grouping of new paintings and sculpture... think of a futuristic neon forest cathedral made up of tiny harbingers of spring. [!!!!!-Ed.] I'm building a smallish space inside Branx that will be a pretty, ghostly, colorful, moody place you can visit and hang out in for the night trying on jewelry and drinking with your friends... it's very simple and I'm building and suspending textiles and fibers I've hand dyed and tangled and braided... and then the paintings are prints of the fibers. It'll be fun." Exhibit C: A late-night runway show of onesie styles by part-time Portlander Chelsea Starr of House of Starr, who was voted "best dressed" in 2009 by San Francisco's (her other home) SF Weekly. Since she's new to the PDX fashion scene, I shot her a few questions:

Mercury: Can you give me some info on your background—where you're from, all that you do, how you ended up with a PDX connection?
I was born and raised in Portland. I've lived in SF for the last 10 years, but I come up here frequently and have finally just started renting a room here so I can be here more. I like being around my family, and I have good friends up here.

Is this your first foray into fashion design?

No. I'm a self-taught designer who has been making clothes for many years.

Why have you chosen to focus on onesie styles?

I think they are cute. I make a lot of different things, but my onesies have been really well-received. People who have bought them say they are their favorite outfit because they're so comfy and easy.

What are your influences and goals when you design?

Right now: comfort and cuteness. I often make really fancy busy clothes, but the ones I'm showing on Friday are simple and comfy.

The lady herself, in a jumpsuit of her own design.

ART PARTY: Branx, 320 SE 2nd, TONIGHT, 9 pm, $5