DoveLewis is gearing up for their annual Boutiques Unleashed benefit fashion show (participating boutiques: Black Wagon, Finn Mens’ Clothing, Garnish Apparel, Lizard Lounge, Mabel & Zora, Mercantile, Meringue Boutique, Phlox, Physical Element, Pin-Me Apparel, Polliwog, Say Say Boutique, All for Paws, Bentley B, D'tails Dog Salon, Hip Hound, Klees Designs, LexiDog Boutique & Social Club, Salty's Dog and Cat Shop, Top of the Food Chain) on April 9 at the Tiffany Center (1410 SW Morrison). (By the way, DoveLewis, thank you so much for taking the dying cat I found on my jog last summer and presumably giving him a comfortable, dignified ending. I took care of the part where someone cries over him.) Every year they have a "mystery model" walk the runway—in past years it's been a llama and a goat, and this year it's "Miss Mollee Muffin." And, this mystery critter will be outfitted by our own adopted Vancouver Project Runway contestant Seth Aaron Henderson! Yeah yeah, it's cheesy, but I don't care. DoveLewis does good work and it's generous of Seth Aaron to donate his time to the cause. Support the animals and go!


Fierce. (Photo by Beth Caldwell)