I'm back! I just spent the past couple days in northern Idaho, which my incredibly adaptable brother has chosen to forsake the big cities for. It's beautiful, but the only clothing stores I entered featured little outside of the camouflage and hunter-orange spectrum. Now that I'm done trooping through the woods learning to fire shotguns, I'm feeling the urge to return to the ladylike luxuries of city living. And so, I'm eagerly poring over the new spring selections from Una, with special attention to new arrivals from A Détacher and Mociun.


I'm really over the standard legging these days. It had its resurgent moment, but it looks dated and boring in the usual dancerly cotton-elastic textures. Nowadays it's got to have an amazing print or a more precious material, like leather, suede, or in this case from A Détacher, silk. I love the soft blue pattern on these, like an elegant second cousin to stonewash.


Yes! This Mociun dress is an instant pick-me-up eye opener with its colorful graphic pattern, but the deal is really sealed by the open back, perfect for feeling the warm summer wind on your back.