• Heather Fone/The HSUS
Recycled fashion hub Buffalo Exchange would like you to score some fabulous deals and help prevent needless harm to wildlife on April 24th. The Dollar Day Sale offers items priced at $1 each. All proceeds from sale items will be donated to the Humane Society of the United States' Don't Trash Wildlife Campaign.
Thousands of wild animals are injured or killed every year because of carelessly discarded litter. Food containers become death traps when animals get their heads stuck inside, reaching for tasty residues at the bottom. Plastic floating on the water’s surface looks like food to sea turtles and other marine creatures. Shore birds and other animals become ensnared by fishing line and plastic six-pack rings. By safely disposing of containers, wrappings, and other trash, you can help prevent these tragedies.

The sale is at both locations and we'd recommend arriving early before the racks are picked over.