If you haven't yet visited designer Dawn Sharp's sweet little boutique the Magic Hour, here's your motivation:


This Saturday evening, from 6-9 pm, the shop is hosting a soiree where there will not only be tarot reading and animator Dame Darcy, but the launch of new designs from Dawn herself (shorts suits!), dresses from Honey Owens' (of Rad Summer) Happy Birthday line, Britt Howard (of Portland Garment Factory)-designed velvet leggings, and consignment designer vintage from Betsey Johnson and Pucci, among others. Portland makeup line Portland Black Lipstick Company will be launching custom "Magic Hour" shades. There's a lot of amazing creativity crammed into this little store, and they plan to do monthly events (yes!), so don't let them slip under your radar.


PS: You can also see Dawn Sharp's work as part of the Mercury's Open Season fashion show on May 7!