Though often passionate, the "size debate" can be boorrrrring. Stefanie Snider and the Bertha Pearl want to make fat politics fun (again?), with an event coming up next Friday called "Bigger" at the Q Center (6-8 pm, leaving you plenty of time to make it over to Open Season, too). Stated aim: "to show that fat and beautiful go together, that fat and provocative go together, that clothes made bigger will entice your imagination and more." There'll be a fashion show with looks from Pearl's Size Queen, a performance from gender bender Glenn Marla of New York, and a photograph exhibit of work from Jody Wheat, Kina Williams, and Michele Hunt. But I think we can all agree that the real attraction is going to be Cattitude, the dance-troupe performance troupe arm of something called The Clackamas Community Cat Club, the existence of which I'm rather delighted to learn of.


Yes indeedy.