A rather uninformative press release came in the other day, announcing the first forthcoming event from the newly formed Portland Fashion Revolution, yet another addition to the roster of newly sprung organizations trying to harness the perceived momentum in Portland apparel design. The people behind it are Mai Tran of CRAVE Portland, freelance style consultant Kevin Lennox, model/producer/publicist Jillian Rabe (also one of the principles involved with ChinaBound), and Ryan Christensen, formerly of Sameunderneath and currently of The Bus Project. The event, called "Merge," is slated to occur this fall—a crowded season, between Portland Fashion Week, Content10, and whatever other smaller shows are bound to cling to their skirts. As of yet there are no exact dates, a location, or a schedule. They don't know how they're going to do it, but they sure know what they want to accomplish:

Merge is changing what you know about fashion shows. Merge is bringing people together. Merge is instant shopping gratification. Merge is fashion by the people, for the people. Merge is design + retail + public. Merge is the beginning of a revolution. Merge is a new concept in presenting local fashion designs to the public. Merge empowers Portland’s fashion community, giving designers direct access to the consumer, via the platform of a fashion show to spur their interaction.

Okay, great. When I wrote to find out how they planned to begin the revolution I was told that the missive was "to start the conversation and prepare Portland" and to pique "Portland's interest to see Fashion: Design + Retail + Public: Together!" They managed to pique the Neat Sheet (who extracted that the fashion presentations/sales will be featuring fall clothing) and Just Out, but I'm hedging my enthusiasm on the announcement of specifics. Are there enough designers to go around for still more events on the fall calendar without sacrificing quality? How 'bout that conversation?