I'm itchin' so bad to find a new pair of shoes before the summer's over (after I save up for a custom dress from a Portland designer—guess which!—to take me through the year's weddings and into the winter holiday parties (oh I do get my money's worth). The big question is always whether that summer pair has to be a sandal, which makes a certain obvious sense, or whether it can be a boot. Boots have more potential for year-round wear, but many a sandal's seasonal potential can also be extended by the addition of the right pair of tights. The ideal solution of course is to get both, but depending on how well your taste is matched to your budget, that is probably somewhere between unlikely and impossible. That's why shoe hounds love nothing more than a shoe sale, and Amenity Shoes is coming through this week with just such a thing. In honor of their fifth anniversary, they're putting a slew of shoes on mark-off from 20-40%, starting tomorrow through Next Friday (June 18). If things work out you might end up with the boot or sandal (or both) you've been looking for.