My interview with April Winchell of is getting an unexpected amount of play—it's been hovering on our "most popular" stories list since it was published last week. Fans of the site are likely also familiar with its very similar competitor, Craftastrophe. Craftastrophe has actually been around longer than Regretsy, and while it's perfectly credible that Winchell was unaware of its existence when she started Regretsy, it's essentially the same idea, and not unheard of for the two sites to feature the same craft items (a recent Craftastrophe post features the same embroidered toilet paper that appears in Regretsy the book, for example). So why did Regretsy get a book deal in less than two months after launching? Probably because Winchell was already a personality as a writer and comedian. And hey, that's fine, the world is big enough for both blogs. But just so Craftastrophe doesn't get left in the dust, let's take a moment to appreciate some of their recent, hideous finds.



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