I went on my first river excursion of the year on Saturday—what a relief. As we lounged on the sand pretending to read magazines, my friend Leah and I talked about the fact that—maybe you can tell—I don't think swimwear has improved upon the zenith of glam, flattering perfection that Jantzen achieved in the '50s and '60s. You pretty much cannot go wrong with that shape ($100 at Popina):


Popina's own designs have a cult following among Portland women for being flattering in a less overtly vamp way than the Jantzen pieces—they're fun, easy, reasonably priced, and perfect for mixing and matching different top and bottom pieces. When in doubt I like to stick to solids and basic prints like stripes and dots when it comes to swimwear—there are some truly hideous swimsuit prints out there.


And the perfect striped specimens are over at Lille, from Hoff by Hoff:



On the higher end Lille also carries Malia Mills, the designer whose floral patterns I think work the best:


Portland designer Dawn Sharp is giving her a run for her money in that estimation, though, with the muted florals on this bikini (at Sharp's store, the Magic Hour):


Frances May has a small selection of hippie chick options from Lover (I'm a sucker for paisley):


And if you're not going to get wet, Souchi has cashmere bikinis in the most delightful colors:


Options for cover ups are vast. Anything that's comfortable and doesn't mind getting a little wet will do. I like this bright caftan from Yo Vintage!


As for shoes, being that most of my swimming happens in a river, where there are (sometimes slippery) rocks, and flipflops always float off, I gotta say, I really want some acqua socks:


Fuck it.