And Semper Fashion just keeps truckin'. Lately I've been thinking that Portland fashion event producers should really consolidate their efforts. I'm hoping that Content having bit the dust will funnel designers toward Portland Fashion Week (seriously, if you're a former or would-be Content participant, ask me about the new opportunities being offered this year), but Semper's keeping it coming with another episode of Rock the Runways (I find it pretty funny/discouraging that they're still pimpin' that html despite not having altered the only page of content to reflect this year's information, but whatever). As I've said before, music and fashion are like the peanut butter and chocolate of the fashion world, though if past iterations of this event are to be repeated the formula seems mostly code for "party," and possible energy drink sponsorship. On the other hand, the rather hefty lineup of participants has a lot of names that are new to me, which always piques my interest. Let's investigate, shall we? Consider this a primer for the event, taking place this Saturday (the 14th) the Benson (more info here).

Urban Retread: Recycled men's shirts and jackets embellished with printing and embroidery.


Urban Girl NW: Similarly recreated vintage goods, for this event they're debuting a swimwear line made from mill overruns.


Saffrona: An astonishingly prolific, scattered line of evening gowns and sorta stripper-y superwoman gear, also showing swimwear. Would not be surprised if it looked something like the Urban Metallics wing of their operations:


Cocoon Silk: Bridal and couture.


TK Couture: The most intriguing of the swimwear contributors. This is pretty cool:


Belladonna Marie: Demure, breezy womenswear. Simple and promising:


There are a few more contributors, and this should definitely be a swimwear-heavy show. It's kind of late in the summer for that sort of thing, but summer's been so late to the party this year that it hardly matters.