After religiously farming my hair as long as it will go for the past half-decade, the idea of cutting it short is both intriguing and terrifying. Whether or not you've already been contemplating the cut, Au Salon, Bonnet, and Great Lengths are teaming up to help motivate you take the plunge. This Sunday (8/15), from 3-6 pm at Bonnet (412 NW 11th), you can donate your hair if you've got eight inches or more worth of ponytail, which Great Lengths will then weave into wigs for those going through chemotherapy, working in partnership with the Portland chapter of the American Cancer Society. To ease you through the process—which, really, is probably going to feel great and fresh and liberating, Au will give you a professional new short-shorn look, and Bonnet will kick in a new hat. If you're thinking of taking the plunge, check out some of the short-hair looks I might consider:





Ready to do it? Call or the store for an appointment: 503-954-2271