Summer is arguably the best time to forgo makeup and let your skin breathe in the sun and river air (under a good SPF, of course), but when fall preparations creep up it always seems to kick in a longing to return to the makeup counter for a fresh, polished look to counteract the season where everyone is sporting the most hippie version of their style. Fez Beauty's third anniversary is right around the corner (this Saturday, from 4-8 pm, to be exact), and they're celebrating with one-on-one beauty consultations, raffles, discounts (including pre-orders from now 'til then), and more, including the launch of Paul & Joe's Clair de Lune Fall 2010 line. Fez is known as a haven for people afraid of being squeezed into a box by single-minded ideas about what looks good on everyone, so this is a great bet to explore really great customized advice from experts, and score the tools for playing with your look at home. As for this Clair de Lune business, come on. Cat heads:


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