I was set on watching the Emmy’s this past weekend. I love anything to do with red carpet dresses (I claim this to be work-related as a fashion teacher/blogger), and I also love Jimmy Fallon, who was hosting. I love him even more after my friends in Menomena played his show a couple weeks ago and confirmed he was just as nice backstage as he appears. Yay! It always makes me happy when famous people you like are actually likable. Anyway, I am easily distracted so I forgot and didn’t see a lick of it. I’m sure Mad Men won lots of awards and there were plenty of long speeches, but I don’t need to have seen it to have some serious opinions about these dresses.

Purple People Eater


It's the dream where you forget to wear pants


What's the rank of this dress? General? Admiral?


Inkblot tests


Love the color, not a fan of the sleeves


When in doubt, go vintage!


Best Dressed Couple