It's official. Halo Shoes is setting up its new digs in the Pearl District, on NW Everett between 9th and 10th in the Otis Elevator Building. They're projecting an "optimistic" re-opening date of October 1st. But that's... that's more than a whole month from now. Can we make it? I'm not sure, but I'm quaking inside wondering what they're going to unleash on us when they debut their new merch. In the meanwhile, I'm going to Seattle later this week, and since Halo's not open anyway, I don't have to feel disloyal scoping Lamb's Ear for a little looky-loo, where on sale, and in my size, are these two pairs of Loeffler Randals that have been living in my dreams for months now. Major danger zone.



I could, but should I?