We all know 90's fashion is coming back stronger than ever, and who knows what New York Fashion Week's Spring 2011 will bring to the plate? Until then I've got a couple of my favorite 90210 outfits to share with you. Thank you Eden, for reminding us of the show with her "Happy 9.02.10 Day" post last week. And thank you Buzzfeed for digging up some truly great images I could steal. I always thought it was some kind of conspiracy that Donna always got the coolest clothes—but I also remember thinking, "Well she's the least good looking, so they have to make up for it somehow." Man, I was a shallow kid.

I have such vivid memories of this Daisy outfit, I fucking LOVED it!


I would rock this outfit tonight. It seriously doesn't look dated.


Her body rocked, maybe that's why she got the best shit?