I recently got to spend some time with a friend who's getting married in March playing dress-up at the English Dept.—so fun! Of course, as was inevitable, even though we were focused on what looked good on her, I found a few things that I wouldn't mind having myself, especially when you begin to realize the options—it's not like the white samples you see don't come in a million other non-bridal colors. And of course, I've long hoped to someday score one of Elizabeth Dye's little shrug jackets just to wear around with jeans and boots. Especially this black one:


Anyhow, I digress. For the rest of this month all the sample dresses at the shop are on sale, from 10-75% off. That's wedding, bridesmaid, and party dresses, most of which are super versatile for any number of non-bridal party occasions. Because they're there for a range of women to try on, they come in a range of sizes, and you'll have to call or head into the store to find out what specifically they have left—first come, first served.