At the beginning of this month Tiffany launched a leather collection of bags, clutches, and other small leather accessories. Yes that Tiffany:


With that as an impetus, I headed down to Portland's downtown location for the first time. I've never been because A) My interest in fashion rarely extends to the corporate, and B) I, like many people, assume that my obvious lack of millions will have me quickly shuffled out the door by security. Not true! They were very nice, and revealed to me the surprising range of prices on their merchandise. (But don't bother asking—nothing at Tiffany's ever goes on sale.) As for the leather, I was most drawn to the pieces in the signature blue—one of my all-time favorite colors regardless:


But honestly, the one thing I was most drawn to, and which I think would make the most lovely holiday gift to start the new year with, is a Tiffany blue 2011 leather day planner for those of use who are classic girls, if only in the sense that we still prefer to write down our appointments and notes with pen and paper. And hey, it's only $100! (Heh.)