As fall sets in, I'm begrudgingly getting a game plan together: I could use an update of basics, like tees and layering pieces in dark neutral tones from JET (3753 N Mississippi). I have a crazy idea for a pair of pants that I want to bounce off Adam Arnold, and my one pair of high-heeled knee-height boots has seen so much action that one of them has developed a mysterious and rather embarrassing squeak when I walk, so they could probably stand replacement (I, like everyone else, is waiting with baited breath for the merch at the re-opened Halo). If I spread it out (and with my budget I have to), I'll have everything secured by the time the rain stops in—oh, what will it be this time? July? Holly Stalder must also have fall in mind, because when I turned on my computer this morning there was an email from her of just this link, to former Portlander Leanne Marshall's Fall '10 collection. Here are a few favorite picks out of what she saw us wearing this season:

The swooping blouse:


The laser-cut skirt and nubby wrap top:

The snuggly cocoon jacket: