Despite my obsession with street style web sites, I've never gotten into sites that allow you to crowd source feedback on your outfits. I barely have time to get dressed in the morning (I take all the sleep I can get) much less photograph it, upload it, and wait to receive and consider feedback, then alter accordingly, and... yeah, no. However, for those of you who do, Ebay just launched LookBook, where you can browse and vote on shots of Ebay merch looks, and/or upload your own—like many of its contemporaries, you can easily click through to buy (of course). And as a motivator, LookBook is giving away prizes daily, so if you give it a whirl you could score yourself an "accessory." Ooooh. What's always fascinating to me is that you can filter by "look" (inscrutable categories include "chic" and "comfortable")—I always wonder who gets to decide how things are tagged (actually web-tagging style items is a job fantasy of mine). But, since the thing's brand new, most of the specific categories are empty, so get uploading already.


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