I'm not entirely sure what the New Co-Op is, but I know that I'm way excited. When a blog post appeared on the Rad Summer blog announcing "a collaboration between Magic Hour and Rad Summer as well as a group of designers, artists, cooks, hikers and herbalists here in Portland, Oregon. This is the beginning of our journey so keep checking back as we hunt, grow and create new textiles, musics, art, salves, raw food and so on..." I wrote to Magic Hour's Dawn Sharp and Rad Summer's Honey Owens for more of an explanation. The sad news (not really) is that Magic Hour's storefront is closing. Says Dawn:

Magic Hour is closing it's physical space and just going up on line at thenewco-op.com. I'll still be offering all of the current lines MH was carrying (including mine, endovanera, scout, misskk etc...) plus the Rad Summer girls and I have accumulated several new lines we are all really excited about (Honey Owens for Rad Summer, Clair bare (handmade undergarments), and several new jewelry lines). Thenewco-op will also be offering hand selected and often local bath and body products and eventually develop an art and music content section. It's been about 6 months in the works and we're all really hopeful about it! I already do the majority of my sales on line so... I feel like Magic Hour is moving rather than closing.

The site is still in its soft-opening phase, but check it out. I'm especially curious to see how it expands into food and "salve" territory... In the meantime: