If you've wondered what's been going down at the Portland Garment Factory lately, check out Thunderbolt Sportswear, a brand new family-owned Portland company making "outdoor pants" AKA "softshell jeans" AKA "jeans":


Okay, but not so fast. Here's the explanation: "Everyone loves jeans but cotton denim can cause big problems in outdoor conditions. Don't worry, there is no cotton in our new classic-styled jeans made with high-performance softshell fabric... Offering all the benefits of premium softshell fabric, these jeans are comfortable, durable and very weather resistant. Unlike cotton denim, they are water repellent, quick drying, windproof and offer 4-way stretch for vigorous activities." Sound like your cup o' tea? Check them out next Friday (October 1) at the launch party, hosted by PGF, with food, drinks, and demos.