We all probably know at least one person who is obsessed by Sanrio's Hello Kitty™ empire. Who has everything from a Hello Kitty™ purse to Hello Kitty™ stationary to a Hello Kitty™ toilet seat cover (I actually do know someone who has a Hello Kitty™ toilet seat cover). Well, those people (and any people who might be passing through Pioneer Square) should be aware that Hello Kitty™ and her Sanrio buddies (Little Twin Stars™, My Melody™, Tuxedosam™, Batz-Maru™... is this ringing any bells?) will be camping out in the square from 11 am-7 pm on October 28 as part of Sanrio's 50-year anniversary tour, "Small Gift." According to the press release, there will be games, contests, photo ops, prizes and, obvs, "must-have" collectibles for purchase, plus the first 50 people there will score goody bags. Oh goody!


The gang's all here: one of the tour's commemorative purchase items