The lounge last night before the Project Runway edition of Portland Fashion Week was packed for a showcase featuring last season's winner Seth Aaron Henderson along with co-contestants Jay Sario and Jonathan Joseph Peters. The odd one out was Goga by Gordana, from season six's Gordana Gehlhausen. She opened the show with crocheted dresses and lucite heels color-coordinated with cut up children's socks, setting the tone for a collection that would've benefited from a half-step backward away from flash, like the rhinestone panels splashed against otherwise-awesome patchwork leathers:



Jay was up next with an experimental denim-heavy collection. here's where I think it worked best:




Then he ended things with a dark, dramatic flourish that any good witch would die for:


Wait, let's see that one more time before moving on:


That's the stuff.

Peters' work featured lots of strategic laser cutting, a recurring theme of the evening, and even our old friend tie-dye made a welcome return. I was most struck, however, by the resort-print pants, which had a whiff of Dries to it, and everyone was charmed by a glittery onesie club number:



Seth Aaron closed the show with his solar panel line. I was expecting to see him stretch out of the shiny, angular, graphic black/white/yellow/red aesthetic he was known for on the show, but that's exactly what came down the runway. Nonetheless, there were still some architecturally admirable feats and a couple really, really intimidating takes on the Mexican wrestling mask:




And... only one more night to go! It's going to be a doozy. Amelia Toro! Pendleton! Souchi! Ethos Paris! LENZANITA? We shall see, and see some more!