Try to find someone who doesn't like these things at a party: cupcakes, a raffle, a wheel you spin for a discount on every purchase, and amazing vintage and handmade merch. Yeah, that's what I thought. The grand opening of Wanderlust, Portland's first traveling retail cart, will have ALL OF THESE THINGS!!!

Here are the deets: It's November 20th from 1-6 pm at the Bazaar Bizzarro Flea Market at The Waterheater (750 N Fremont). There will be live music and a bar—waahoo!

Pretty adorable right?
  • Pretty adorable right?

At Wanderlust shoppers can expect a nicely curated selection of vintage clothing including over 100 amazing dresses packed into their 10'x7' shop. Men's western style button-ups hang inside the newly renovated 1969 Cardinal trailer along with the cutest handmade items from local and international artists such as Mary Kate McDevitt from Portland and Showpony out of the UK.

Kali gets her Heathers on in a 1970s gown.
  • Kali gets her Heathers on in a 1970's gown.